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Мирољуб СТАНКОВИЋ, члан УО АППСHe was born in 1959 in Priština, living in Niš from 1967 until today, except for five years he spent in Belgrade and one in Zagreb.

In his working-professional activities is probably the only expert in Niš, who has worked in all three institutions involved in the planning and construction: Planning Institute Niš, Directorate for Planning and Development and the Directorate for Construction of Niš. He was managing about eighty-urban and spatial plans. The main professional activity and preoccupation during his professional career was the urban planning (specialty general urban plans) and development strategy.

Education: Bachelor of Architecture (Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade – urban direction), Professional examination of employees in state administration, Professional exam for graduate architect, urban planning graduate studies at the Faculty of Architecture (at the end of the preparation of a master’s thesis). He have IKS licenses for the authorized urban planner, planner and designer.

Social – professional activities: President of the Association of urban planners of Niš from 1991-1999.; Vice President of the Association of Town Planners of Serbia 1995-1999.; Deputy President of the Serbian Association of Town Planners of 1999-2004.; Member of the Executive Committee of Urban Planners Section of Serbian Chamber of Engineers 2003-2007.; Member of the Presidium of the Association of Spatial Planners of Serbia, from 2010.

Municipalities in which he worked spatial planning, urban development and design documentation: Niš, Bor, Negotin, Kladovo, Svrljig, Soko Banja, Bela Palanka, Babušnica, Blace, Brus, Vladičin Han, Bujanovac, Bosilegrad, Malo Crniće, Varvaarin, Medvedja, Žitorađa, Trgovište, Dimitrovgrad.

The most important plans for the area Niš: Niš Master Plan 2010-2025.; PPPPN “Kamenički vis”; Third amendments to the GUP Niš 1995-2010.; RP central zone of Niš; RP complex “Mediana”; RP central zone of Nis – East; RP zone Bulevar Nemanjića – Bozidar Adžije; PDR residential – business block “Tesla”; Project Planning archaeological park “Mediana”.

Development strategy: “City of Niš Development Strategy”; “Operational Programme implementation of the City of Niš Development Strategy”; “Revision of the City of Niš Development Strategy for the period 2009-2020.”; “The city of Niš Safety Strategy” ; “Strategy for Sustainable Development of the Municipality Pantelej 2011-2015.”

Physical plans: Spatial plan of special purpose wider complexes “Prohor Pčinjski” (I prize, the Urban Salon 91, in the category “Spatial Plan”), Spatial plan of special purpose “Kamenički vis”.

Master plans (10): GUP Soko Banja, Bosilegrad, Bela Palanka, Žitorađa, Blace, Sokobanja – Amendment, Trgovište, Dimitrovgrad, third amendments to the GUP Niš 1995-2010, Master Plan of Niš 2010-2025.