Milica MAKSIĆ, president of the Supervisory Board

dr Milica MAKSIĆ, predsednik NO APPSDr Milica Maksić Mulalić was born in 1980 in Niš. She graduated in Architecture from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Niš, in 2004, as best graduate student and the best student of each school year. She received a magister of science degree in 2008 and PhD degree in 2012 at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade in the field of architecture and urban planning.

She has the scientific title of Senior Research Fellow. She is the author of two scientific monographs and 68 publications (chapters, papers published in journals and proceedings from international and national scientific meetings).  Her research interests are primarily focused on the institutional framework of planning and spatial development and diverse governance mechanisms.

At the “Institute of Urban Planning City of Niš”, where she is currently employed, she has participated in the development of more than 30 spatial and urban plans and studies, as head of an expert team, and as a member of a synthesis and expert team. She acquired licenses of a responsible planner and a responsible urban planning engineer. She participated in the development of international projects and plans that were financed and supported by UN Habitat, European Progres, Europe Aid and GIZ/Ambero/Icon consulting group.

She is an active member of the Association of Spatial Planners of Serbia, within which she held the position of the president of the Supervisory board (2014-2018 and 2021-today) and member of the Supervisory Board (2018-2021). In Serbian Chamber of Engineers she was a member of the Court of Honor (2018-2019). She is also a member of the Association of Urban Planners of Serbia.

She is a member of the Commission of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and infrastructure for expert control of regional spatial plans and spatial plans of special purpose areas, the Commission of the Ministry for the expert control of urban projects, as well as the planning commissions of local self-government units as a representative of the Ministry.